The Vevay Police Department provides
administrative services from 8am-4pm M-F for
the following:

VIN Checks
   $10.00 Vehicle must be present for           
   inspection.  Officers can inspect your
   vehicle at any time, however, the form will
   be held until payment is made to the town

Handgun Permits
   Handgun permit cost varies.  More
   information can be found at:  
Permits Frequently Asked Questions

    NOTE:  The Vevay Police Department
    respects your Constitutional right to bear
    arms and as such DOES NOT register the
    weapons of citizens for any reason.

Accident Reports
   $10.00 Reports are available 5 days
    after the accident occurs.  

Case Reports
   Case reports from the Vevay Police
   Department remain confidential and cannot
   be released to the public without court
   order.  Citizens can pick up a Notification
   Form that serves to notify insurance
   companies of an on going or completed
   criminal investigation at no charge.
Vevay Police Department
Proudly serving the
citizens of Vevay Indiana
since 1813
Contact us:

Emergency Dial 911